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Canine Life Skills Coaches.
Cam K9 Services started back in 2008, named after one of the greatest dogs I ever had the pleasure and honour to have in my life. He taught me so much in his 16 years on this earth. Previously to Cam, I had been working with dogs for over 20 years, training, competing in Flyball, Agility, Obedience, Herding, dabbled in some Musical Freestyle, really as much “dog joy” as I could. My dog training style has evolved over the years from old school “check chain” training to more Canine life skills and “relationship based” training. My sister Kathy has Joined with me as a canine life skills coach since we all (together with our husbands) bought our property in Louis Creek. Kathy has also both worked with and trained dogs and their owners for the last 20 odd years and shares many of the same training ideologies as I do. Kathy has worked with various animal charities in the UK as both trainer and foster and Kathy has also competed extensively in dog sports like Fly Ball and Dock Dogs with her Terrier, as well as some herding also in the UK with her young Border Collie. Together we are hoping to make the new CAM K9 Training Centre one of the Kamloops area's foremost training centres. I will be continuing forward with Agility Training outside as weather permits in our outdoor arena and throughout the winter in a nearby indoor facility, plus we will be holding some classes on general and specialist puppy/dog life skills and people training. We are also introducing some new 'Packages' for individuals who need to either 'fine tune' their dogs training or concentrate on specific levels and disciplines of training. We hope to add in Herding Instinct Training as well by the summer of 2019. We both do in home canine life skills coaching and consults, plus when required I can help with rehab of post op cruciates and a variety of other orthopaedic surgeries. I am a Certified Canine Hydrotherapist and have been doing this for 10 years now. I have owned 2 pools and when Kamloops had their own pool, I worked in there as well. I am also trainer for Xtreme Air Dock Diving for BC. We do not get a lot of opportunity for this in Kamloops but I am willing to travel to give workshops to those that have pools at least 33 feet long, but better yet the standard 40 foot pools.

You will find a more comprehensive list of what we can offer you via the 'What we offer' header, where we are hoping to have something for everyone. Our new location is now in beautiful Louis Creek.

The only boarding your dog will need

When only the best will do.....

What we Offer.....

 These classes are with Chris and are for 5 weeks

Welcome to Intro to Agility! This is fun sport for you and your dog..Agility is a sport that takes you and your dog around an obstacle course of Jumps, Tunnels, A Frame, Dog Walk, Tire, Teeter Totter, Weaves and a small Table.  Dog Agility came about after Show Jumping for Horses and someone thought it would be fun to run a course of similar design for dogs, adding a few more interesting obstacles as well.  

In this class you and your dog will be introduced to some of these things..mostly Jumps and Tunnels, a Tire and a Table, perhaps the  Dog walk and A Frame. This class is not about skill or technique, it is about enjoying yourself, some exercise ( for both of you!) and learning to be a team. It is open to anyone and any breed. Junior handlers welcome.  All we ask is you come with an open mind, to have fun with your dog, ( no chastising in this class) and a really good sense of humour. At the end of five weeks, you will be able to run a small jumpers course off leash.  If this sounds like you, then come on out and see what we are all about! Handouts and homework will be given ( a little anyway).

  Occasional private training
We are now offering private 'Lesson by Lesson' training for most of our classes and all your other training needs.
We understand that you have busy lives and you may need the benefit of more flexible times and days, or your needs with your dogs maybe more, or different than our classes cover.
We do financing through 'PETCARD' for those of you who would like to take advantage of this and it covers most behaviour issues. Message or call us to learn more.  




These classes are with Chris and run for 5 weeks.

Welcome to Agility One! There is a prerequisite for this class, you need to have taken Intro to Agility ( or equivalent) from either myself or elsewhere. In this class, you and your dog will continue your journey of Agility..we focus more on handling skills and technique whilst giving you and your dog confidence building skills to put many obstacles together, run courses and drills. You still need your sense of humour, because this is much more of a class to take in, but I promise you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.. Handouts and homework will be given in this class.

PUPPY 'AA' (Action and adventure)
These classes are with Kathy and run for 5 weeks,  this class does  not require previous classes, although the basics are an asset.
This is a structured but fun class which will enrich your relationship and bond with your puppy, expand on your puppy's basic manners and give you a lot of laughs along the way. Some of the classes consist of 'Mini Agility', 'Scent Pit' and 'Temptation Alley' (you will want to video this one). Please contact us for more info and if you would like to enrol. Hurry though, there will be limited spots for this highly entertaining class.
These classes are ideal for pups aged between 12 weeks and 5 months.
Minimum of 2 shots required.
Maximum sense of humour required.

New Private 'Canine Life Skills'

We come to you whether at work or at home. This is a very intensive programme suitable for most dogs and especially useful for the busy family or working pet parents who just don't get the time to fully socialise their pup or dog and teach it all the essential skills needed to have a well rounded, confident, friendly and happy dog.

This package includes approximately 30 hours of training over 6-12 weeks and we cover all the skills your dog needs to be a happy and well balanced dog and although we also teach you how to apply our methods in depth and will need to include you in parts of the training, we do most of the work for you, so you can have a happy and tightly bonded life with your dog, yes, even the difficult ones too. 

Please note: No check chains, prong collars, or e-collars are to be worn in any class on this property. We have a positive based training policy at this centre.

'Everything Puppy'

From baby to adolescence 

Everything you and your puppy needs to know so you end up with a well rounded, polite and social adult dog.

This is also an intensive and extensive package of essential life skills your puppy needs to learn and includes teaching you about all the physical growth factors, as well as the all important and critical emotional developmental stages your pup will go through in it's first year with you. This package is especially good for puppy parents who work and/or have young children and just don't have enough of the time you thought you would or anyone running into issues with your pup or young dog. We are here to help you through those difficult times, do work you feel you cannot, and at the same time we will show you how to carry on the training and arm you with the knowledge you need covering:


Bite inhibition'

Manners around people and your home,

Leash walking,

Lifestyle socialisation,

Good manners around other dogs,


Critical fear periods and what to avoid

and so much more.....


This package is spread over the first year of your puppy's life and includes approximately 30 hours of tailored  private sessions in your home as well as out and about in real life situations.We will deal with any 'behavioural issues' that your pup displays. We will pick up your pup if you are working or busy too.This package also includes lifetime support via email or phone. 



Intro to Agility 
5 Week Class -  $125
Agility One
5 Week Class -  $125
Puppy 'AA' (Action & Adventure)
 5 week Class  -   $150
Private 'Lesson by Lesson'
Starting at $100 inc per session here at our facility, or in your own home. Finance is available through 'PetCard'.

New Private 'Canine Life Skills'

We come to you whether at work or at home. This is a very intensive programme suitable for most dogs and especially useful for the busy family or working pet parents who just don't get the time to fully socialise their dog and teach it all the essential skills needed to have a well rounded, confident, friendly and happy dog.

Cost is $2,500 and takes place over roughly 6-12 weeks*, over 30 hours total with a minimum of 2 hours at any one time. 1 year full email or telephone follow on support is included in the price.

This programme is fully eligible for 'PetCard' from IFinance.  A simple and easy way to pay for what you need now, instead of putting essential training off for months.

* Puppies Programs will be taught with different hours and duration as appropriate.

NEW!  In Home Boarding (limited, MUST BE DOG FRIENDLY)

 Charged by the day including pick up and drop off days...

                               -  $35 per day

(Discount for 2nd dog in same household).

'Everything Puppy' 

Complete Life Skills

This is a package where we come to your home (or work) to  coach your pup in the environments that he or she will need to learn about, including out and about in real life. This also includes vital socialisation with calm dogs and everything your pup and you needs to learn in his/her first year. This package takes you right through puppy's first year and the cost of this package is:

$2,500 and is also eligible for 'PetCard' from IFinance. to help you spread the cost so you don't miss out on your pup's crucial learning stages.

* See complete description above in Packages.


Where we are......

3189 Glengrove Road, Louis Creek, V0E 2E0

Email: camk9services@gmail.com

Phone: 250-672-0192


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