We at Cam K9 Training Centre understand that not every dog is the same, there are so many variables when it comes to our dogs and these variables play a part in how we train our dogs. An example of these variables are, breed (yes this does play a part) for example, a herding breed is different from a sight hound, a toy breed is different from a guardian breed, and a terrier is different from a gun dog, so we have to look at that as well as temperament, biddability, nervous, fearful, reactive, stubborn, headstrong, etc. All these variables need different approaches when it come to giving your dog essential life skills.


At Cam K9 we train first and foremost with the dog or pup that is right in front of us, we add together all the variables already mentioned and we then start a plan of life skills that your dog/pup needs to equip them for the world we live in and the behaviour we would like to see from them to make your relationship with your canine companion the very best it can be.

Dogs need to understand what we as humans want from them and we also need to understand what dogs want and need from us. We are the custodians of these dogs and it is up to us let them know that we have got their backs when it come to who's job it is who's and show them that they can trust us to keep them safe at all times. Sadly, many people lack the understanding to realise that we need to step up to the plate and take control in a firm but kind manner, giving our dogs the confidence to greet other dogs without fear, to be in all manner of situations and be comfortable and trust that we will protect them from harm.


There are many dog training 'tools' on the market today and we at Cam K9 are trained in the use of most of the tools in existence today.

However, we believe that YOU are the best 'tool' you can use with your dog. We will give you the skills to understand what your dog needs and to use your voice, your attitude and your body language as the very best tools you can use. We do of course use the simple tools such as varying styles of collars (flat and martingale) and leashes/long lines and front clip harnesses etc.


We want your relationship with your dog to be a journey of discovery, of peace, of mutual trust and adventure. We want your training to be fun and rewarding and something you both look forward to and so we feel that for whatever your needs are, we will teach you how to effectively give your dog the 'life skills' needed to have a happy and fulfilled life and relationship with you..



So if your dog does any of these.....


Over excitability

Fear based behaviours


Counter surfing

Jumping up at you/other people

Pulling on leash

Lunging forward

Doesn't come back when called

Rushing through doors

Ignores basic commands i.e. sit, down, wait, stay, settle


Then you need one of these......


A full Canine Life Skills Programme, a Package, or a Private Session with Chris or Kathy at CAM K9 TRAINING CENTRE.


We can also offer finance through 'Petcard' for most of our services.