K9 B&B (Bed & Board)

Starting at $35 per day

(including drop off and pick up days)

Discounts for 2nd and 3rd dogs in same family.



B&T (Board & Train)

Prices according to level of training needed 

(over 3 or 4 weeks)

PetCARD may be eligible for B&T

New Private very intensive 'Canine Life Skills'

We come to you whether at work or at home. This is a very intensive programme suitable for most dogs and especially useful for the busy family or working pet parents who just don't get the time to fully socialise their dog and teach it all the essential skills needed to have a well rounded, confident, friendly and happy dog.

Cost is $2,500 and takes place over roughly 6-12 weeks*, over 30 hours total with a minimum of 2 hours at any one time. 1 year full email or telephone follow on support is included in the price.

This programme is fully eligible for 'PetCard' from IFinance.  A simple and easy way to pay for what you need now, instead of putting essential training off for months.

* Puppy Programs will be taught with different hours and duration as appropriate.

Introductory Mini Canine Life Skills course.


This Mini Intensive course is one of our more popular choices and takes place over a maximum 3 month period and costs just $525 (Although, if you are an existing client of ours ask about our discount especially for you).


We can also customise any package to suit your needs, just ask us.

'Everything Puppy' 

Complete Life Skills

This is a package where we come to your home (or work) to  coach your pup in the environments that he or she will need to learn about, including out and about in real life. This also includes vital socialisation with calm dogs and everything your pup and you needs to learn in his/her first year. This package takes you right through puppy's first year and the cost of this package is:

$2,500 and is also eligible for 'PetCard' from IFinance. to help you spread the cost so you don't miss out on your pup's crucial learning stages.

Our new package.....

Everything Adolescent to Adult

This exclusive private package gives you a minimum of 15 hours of intense (over one year) life skills coaching for both your dog as well as you. You don't need to be at home all the time for this course, although you will need to be present for the some of the sessions.
This is a wonderful package for those of you that don't want to be without your pet for a month. The cost of this package is $1400 and of course 'Pet card finance is available for qualifying clients.

Puppy Strong Start

This package is over 3 sessions and must be taken within 6 weeks of the first session.

This package costs just $400.

For regular hourly rates for occasional training please contact us.