Our Team

Chris McKay-Head Trainer/Owner


Chris has been training dogs and their people for 30 plus years! She has competed in many dog disciplines and successfully owned and managed several dog related businesses.


She currently co-owns Cam K9 Boarding & Training Centre in Louis Creek, BC.  She is loved by five wonderful dogs, Paddy JRT, Shae BC, Jack GR, Poppy Papillion and Kes Aussie.


One of Chris's greatest achievements is training her dogs for television, Cam (her business namesake) was her first to do commercials and film, since then she has trained many dogs in this area. She is also a Certified Canine Hydrotherapist (UK). She holds many certificates in Flyball, Agility, Herding and Dock Dog Jumping. Provides workshops in the same. Chris holds membership of the CAPPDT and also the APDT. Chris also provides teaching mentorship with the Animal Behaviour College online courses based in the US.

Kathy Scott. Head Trainer/Owner


Kathy Scott Co-owns CAM K9 Boarding & Training Centre and is a professional trainer.

Kathy is a member of APDT, CAPPDT. and is a CCLSC. Kathy has also completed and certified at Sirius Dog Training Academy Workshop, Reliability and Games and a Science Based Dog Training Workshop with world renowned Dr Ian Dunbar.

Kathy’s methods are about building a relationship and gaining real life skills with your dog and uses science backed and positive methods.

Kathy has been around dogs all her life and has been training dogs for over 30 years both in the UK and Canada.

She has worked extensively with rescue organisations in the UK and more recently here in Canada. She has also competed with her dogs in FlyBall, Dock Dogs and more recently Herding with her Border Collies.

Kathy shares her life with her Border Collies Sol and Meg and her little elderly Terrier mix, Buddy.

Nicole Larson, Trainer


Nicole grew up with family dogs and began her career by managing a Dog Daycare. Here she experienced a variety of breeds, dispositions, and their behaviours. Nicole believes in continuous education, currently she is being mentored at Cam K9 Training Centre to become a Canine Life Skills Coach. She also studied Dog Theory with The Good Dog Academy and is a professional member of APDT and CAPDT.

Nicole analyses the dog's behaviour, peoples' skill sets, and the environment. She will adjust her training to meet your needs. Ultimately coming up with a plan rooted in science and delivered with skill, compassion and love.

Let Nicole show you how to create a strong bond with your dog by building confidence with positive training methods, be it a vet trip, out hiking, at the park, or going to a coffee shop. You should enjoy your dog as much your dog enjoys you.


Sol, Border Collie - Canine Staff Member

Most of you know 7 year old Sol already and along with Kes he is one of our very valued 'Employees'. Sol is used with both training dogs and also boarding dogs, He has an unshakable confidence and does not react to any dogs, not even the very fearful, reactive, or rude dogs, he is also great with puppies as he just lets them climb all over him and if he doesn't want them to climb on him anymore, he just gets up and leaves them and he's fast, very, very fast. Sol is a calming influence on leash reactive dogs and will walk quietly and calmly, helping to show other dogs what they should be doing. Sols social manners are impeccable and we are so lucky to have him on our team and so proud of him.


Kes, Aussie -  Canine Staff Member

Although you see her all the time in our photos, I haven't said a lot about Kes in a year or so..Kes is only 2 years old but plays a vital part in our Boarding Centre.. She is a a very valuable employee! Since a pup, Kes has been our "socializer" with pups and older dogs alike. When we have shy dogs, or dogs that need a boost in confidence Or even dogs that are just a bit too much to play with our other guests, Kes is there to play, intervene, play "social cop", slowly draw out the nervous pups and build their confidence. Kes has been a "one in a million" dog for us! she truly is our "right hand dog" in all things to do with our boarding. Without her, our job would be much harder and she certainly is a rare dog to change her demeanor to suit other dogs, to be able to read what is needed at all times. So today we put the spotlight on her, she is not only beauty, she is brains too!! She is photographed here with Tandem, an intact male Border mix. Kes is lying down and is the blue merle Aussie!