Baby Silk..born Oct 25th 2018!

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

I am so excited to announce that I have a new Border Collie puppy joining my family of dogs around Christmas time. Silk is from Bev and Norm Sommer, in SK.. Just over two years ago I lost Cam, our business namesake and it has been a long two years without him. I have other dogs, including Border Collies that I love also, however, every so often there is a special "lifetime" dog that comes along and can never be replaced. Two nights ago, someone sent me a message about this litter of black and whites that were born in Saskatchewan, and there in the back of the photo was my new pup..somehow we always know these special dogs.

Names can be a real pain to think up, and I confess I am not good at it..I like short names for Border Collies and my good friend Jamie, also in SK, has several Border Collies and one is named Silk..I loved the name when I first heard it, and so I asked her permission to use it for my pup. She said she would be honoured to share the name, so now this pup has her name...SILK!!! I think it suits her even as young as she is..I think she will feel like Silk and I think she will move like I imagine Silk flows through your fingers..

Baby SILK....

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