Daisy Blur...

Hi there..Daisy here. I thought I would write my own blog today as I had such an awesome day! First I got to go for a run with one of my best friends' Sol BEFORE breakfast..we ran and ran and ran..then I got to play in the paddling pool, I just LOVE water!

After breakfast I had to have a rest but later I went out by myself for some leash work, not so much fun until we got to the arena where I got to play fetch and THEN!!!! I played this game called Agility!!! I went through tunnels and tunnels and tunnels, plus I went over the thing they call a "scramble" or "A Frame"..I had to climb up to the top of the world and down the other side, so. much. fun. AND back to the paddling pool..did I tell you I love water?

Then it was back on my leash for a walk through the woods. This is really hard for me as I like to run everywhere, walking is not much fun, but I did it. I was pretty tired but guess what, almost immediately I got to go out AGAIN with the rest of the crew, this time I was able to run and run and run with Shae. I did get told off by Poppy because she does not like my boisterous ways and I accidently ran into her. She has been sulking ever since and even told me off in the house just for looking at her. I don't think she likes me anymore :(

I had to have a nap after this long walk.

Just before dinner I went out again, part running and paddling pool and the rest of the walk was on leash, I didn't mind this time, I was a tired puppy and put myself to bed after supper in my crate! No pics today, I really didn't stay still long enough for the camera to focus.