Daisy "hard work"!

So Daisy's last couple of days has been hard work for her. She is learning to "leave it", to not dash out of the door ( very hard for her). To walk on a leash when everyone else is off leash ( very very hard for her). She is also learning to get her own sticks instead of trying to steal everyone else's..this is really, really hard.. Clearly she is used to taking off other dogs what she wants, when she wants and she doesn't really want it anyway, she immediately drops and goes back to take another item from a dog. However, she is a quick study and she is learning to pick up her own stick and run with it. She is actually listening when asked to do this. The other lovely command she has learned is a "lie down"..I suspect she knew this command already before coming to us, but now she will down whatever she is doing. She will lie down when I tell the others, or she will lie down as the only dog when the others are still moving ( that is not easy for any dog to do) so we are really proud of how much she IS learning. However, with "B and T's" when those dogs go home, the owners now have to keep up with their dog's training or they will revert back to the way they were..BUT on the plus side..it isn't very difficult with consistency and dedication. People invest in their dogs, so it is worth it to keep that investment going for a lifetime of a well trained and balanced dog!

Wanna be Border Collie Daisy!

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