Daisy here again!!

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

So my week has been lots of learning...it has been fun for the most part, especially before breakfast because I get to burn off lots of energy running with my pal Sol..I think I am almost as fast as him now!. I have muscles on my legs, and my waist is becoming very svelte. However, some of my day is learning to keep calm..lie down when I am told with the other dogs..learning not to scrounge from the table although at least I don't drool like Jack, yuk!!

I have a couple of videos of me this week, plus some photos of me being very good in a "down"..I have to take a good look at the other dogs to know just what I am supposed to do, and usually I have to be told a couple of times, but I am getting there. My leash work is coming along lovely I am told.

Did I tell you I get to play agility? well I LOVE LOVE LOVE it ! I don't get to do it every day, but when I know I am going to the arena I get soooo excited :)

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