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Expecting Meg.........

So, I am expecting a gorgeous new addition to our ever growing family of dogs, cats, budgies, canaries, finches and chickens. Meg was born on the 25th October 2018 out of Jill and Jaff and she will be joining us at Christmas.

I feel so very lucky and blessed right now, 2 years ago Brian and I finally became permanent residents of this truly beautiful country, then last year we found and bought, together with my sister Chris and her husband Bruce this wonderful 10 acre property in lovely Louis Creek. We are renovating the house and Brian (my gorgeous and clever husband to be) has built us (me and him....just to be clear) the most wonderful large bedroom suite and a bathroom anyone would envy. This Christmas I will be marrying the love of my life (even if it did take half my life to find him), my children and one of my grandchildren will be flying over from the UK to be at my wedding, my son Matthew will be giving me away, my daughter Kimmy will be my Matron of Honour and my 8 year old grandson Connor will be the ring bearer. It will be a very small wedding in our home with just family and a few friends and it will be beautiful. My children will be staying all over Christmas and the New Year too (they are wanting a truly white Christmas) and now I am getting a beautiful Border Collie puppy to go with my Buddy (Terrier) and Sol (Border Collie). Meg is arriving together with my sisters new little pup Silk and yes they are from the same litter of pups bred by Bev and Norm Sommer of Sommer Ranch Border Collies. https://www.facebook.com/sommerranch/

I am hoping to get some sheep sometime next year to continue Sol's herding training (I started him on sheep in the UK 3 years ago, I hope he hasn't forgotten everything!) and I want to introduce Meg to sheep next year and wait for her to mature a bit to start her training.

I will be keeping you all up to date with Meg's progress often and hopefully posting photos of her while she is still with her mum. I will also let you know how we are progressing with our new business, our canine training centre and all the things that go right....or wrong, for us. Now I really must think about getting dinner....

The beautiful Meg...just a few days old.

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