Good days and bad days..

Over the last week or so, Brynne has had some good days, some better days and some bad days..we struggle every evening with her "fear" "anxiety" over the television being on. We have had to take it off surround sound to basic sound, but still it worries her and she wants to leave the house. We only watch about a couple of hours, but along with some other new anxieties this is the biggest one. She is on medication for this, and it allows her to now sleep through the night.

She has been able to mostly do our front steps up and down, during the day once she gets her poor joints in working order, but yesterday, after I had let her out, an hour later, maybe a little less I came out to discover her laying on our steps, but in an awkward way, she was on her side and her legs were under the step above her, we had put cat litter down for traction and as it was clay litter, it was stuck to her fur and her harness..what a mess. Poppy my Pap alerted me to Brynne's predicament by barking by the window when there was seemingly nothing there. That taught us that although Brynne is able to wander around the property by the house ( which in turn keeps her mobility going) she needs more supervision.

My son Steven bought Brynne some glow lights for her harness ( even though her harness is somewhat reflective) these really help to see her quickly.

This morning, Brynne is having a good day as far as we can see, she was able to maneuver the steps by herself but I noticed that Poppy stayed out with her and stayed by her side until she was ready to come in. Shae ( Brynne's brother from the same parents) did his usual "hello" to his sister this morning, plus he kissed her gently on her muzzle and then the paw came up to gently touch her head. The power of sibling dogs ( blood related or not) amaze me sometimes by their empathy and, far from seeing Brynne as a weak dog, they are showing her so much respect..

I know the time is coming, but not quite yet..we help Brynne a lot, but we still like her to have as much independence as she can manage for her dignity and her emotional wellbeing. She still wants to go for her hikes with the other dogs..the day she stops asking to go, is the time she will be telling us she is too tired to go on with the struggle.

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