Goodbye Brynne, sleep well.

It has been a month since I last wrote on this blog..and it has been a very hard month. Below is my tribute to Brynne, at least it is all I can write right now..

My Beautiful Brynne passed away three week ago, it is has been very hard to even post these few photos of her, out of the hundreds I have. I try not to grieve her loss rather think of her for all the good times and the wonderful life we had together, but as I write this I can't help but cry..Brynne was not only beautiful on the outside she was so beautiful on the inside. Brynne lived a very full 12 years with me..we did flyball in her early years, managing to go all the way to Arizona for Cyno Sports, not once but twice, where we came away with a Bronze and a Silver Medal in Flyball. She was a lovely "anchor" dog for our team on so many occasions. In her senior years she became a Certified BC SPCA Humane Education dog..she visited hundreds of children in schools and help teach them about dogs, taking care of animals and how to greet dogs as in the "Bite Free" program. She was truly loved by all who knew her..I miss her terribly but am thankful that she was in my life for all of those years..There will never be another Brynne but I know now that she has come home to rest, she will always join us on our walks and be in the snow that falls, the wind that blows and the blue skies above us..She will be forever in my heart and always around me in every beautiful golden leaf I see in the fall..

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