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Kes..the newest addition to my home.

It has been a while since I have been able to continue my blog, it was very hard losing Brynne and that is the last entry I did. But now it is time for new ventures with Kes.. She is an Australian Shepherd now aged 5 months. She came to me in

January and I can tell you that right from the start she has been a very easy puppy. My husband has fallen in love with her as much as I have, perhaps more, as she spends more time with him as he is retired. She is a very easy puppy to love! I want to be able to share her journey now as we ramp up her training. She is still a pup, so all will be age appropriate. She will be trained with positive based methods only..we have established a good relationship with her..she has never known harshness or an unkind word. She is happy, knows her manners around our other dogs that took a while to accept her. Shae, Brynne's brother, has become the closest with her, whether it is because he lost Brynne, or because she just wound him round her little paw, like the rest of us..but they do everything together outside on walks..We are socializing her to the world little by little..she seems to be taking all the new adventures in her stride. She is very social with people and I know she would be with dogs as well, but I am pretty picky on who her new friends will be. I have had reactive dogs before through inappropriate interactions with strange dogs..this will not happen with Kes..I want a well rounded dog..Aussie's have their own idiosyncrasies without adding to them!! Please follow along on Kes's journey with us..here are a few photos to be going on with and if I can work the video, there is one of those too..enjoy!

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