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Updated: Nov 1, 2018

We, Chris (my sister) and I, train dogs, we train their people too. We are lucky enough to have bought together with our menfolk Bruce and Brian, a beautiful 10 acre property in lovely Louis Creek.

Here we hope to build our dreams into reality.....so this is all about us and the trials and tribulations of owning and starting up a canine training centre. Not just any centre though, we want to be the best.....because only the best will do!.


This is Cam. Cam was Chris's dog, Cam is the namesake and inspiration for our business. Cam passed in 2016 aged 16, for Chris, there will never be another dog like Cam.

The one and only Cam aka Cammie Pants.

We are Chris and Bruce McKay and Kathy Moore (soon to be Mrs Kathy Scott) and Brian Scott.

Our beautiful  views from our lovely property......

Just one of our beautiful views of our property....

I am going to put up pictures of all 7 of our family dogs, so you can get to know them and their challenges as well as why we love them so much...... Chris will post her blogs on all her 5 dogs separately, but I'm just going to introduce them briefly. This first one is of Paddy, she belongs to Chris and Bruce, Paddy (JRT) is our eldest at 13 years old. Her BFF in the household is Buddy.....

Paddy (named after our Dad, even though she's a girl)

This is Buddy, Buddy belongs to me, he is my special dog, I brought him over here from the UK when Brian and I got our permanent residency here 3 years ago. Buddy is 13 years old in December this year and I just don't understand where the time went!. But he is my 'heart and soul' dog and the only small dog I have ever owned.

My special boy.....Buddy.

Buddy and Paddy playing 'who got the ball first?' game

This is Paddy and Buddy in their younger days playing 'who got the ball first!' game.

Beautiful Brynne

This Brynne, Brynne (Border Collie) is a beautiful red head! She belongs to Chris and Bruce and is our next eldest at 12.5 years old. She has not been so well lately.....so we are all watching her closely.

Shae is Brynne's half brother.

This is Shae (Border Collie) and he is Brynne's brother. He also belongs to Chris and Bruce, he is our next eldest and I believe he is 9 years old, I will have to check with Chris on that one. Shae and Brynne do share one trait and that is that they both talk a lot...not bark, they talk to us.

Here is Jack, he belongs to Chris and Bruce too. Jack is a big handsome 'Golden' and he is a lovely boy...very comical too! I'm going to have to check with Chris about his age too, but I think he is about 6 years old.

A very handsome Jack.

Next we have Sol, ISDS registered as Killibrae Sol. Sol is supposed to be my dog and is a started working Border Collie and he is 4 years old now. Brian (my soon to be husband) has stolen Sol's affections.....when Brian is home Sol will be wherever Brian is.

Stunning boy Sol.

Last (for now) but not least is Chris's little Papillon, Poppy. She is 3 years old I believe and she is the hellion that rules the house!. She makes a lot of noise for such a little girl, but she is so funny that she gets away with it.....

Sweet little Poppy......or Devil little Poppy?.

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