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Post Wedding & Christmas and is Meg a diamond or devil pup?

My grandson Connor visiting from the UK and Meg....

So...... life has been busy here as many of you know. I got married to the love of my life (apart from my dogs) just before Christmas, I always wanted a white winter wedding and I'm happy to say I got the most perfect wedding complete with snow and a surprise horse and wagon ride. My children and grandson were over from the UK for the wedding and Christmas. It also snowed over Christmas which made it the perfect huge family Christmas, we loved it and made memories we will all treasure for ever........ And Meg arrived.

Meg arrived earlier than planned as someone was flying back from Saskatchewan to Kamloops on the 18th of December and offered to bring her with them, so despite the chaos of of an up coming wedding at home and Christmas for a thousand people, she came.

By the end of the first week I was convinced that she had Piranha in her DNA, namely her teeth. I admit that I certainly didn't have the time for her that I would have ordinarily had to start a puppy off correctly, but I had clearly been 'spoiled' by our last puppy Sol, who is now the epitome of everything a good Border Collie should be. Sol was such an easy and quiet pup and it didn't even enter my head that my next Border Collie pup would be any different.......... wrong!

Meg is very vocal, she has more energy than the electrical output of the entire western hemisphere, teeth like a hundred Piranhas and, unlike most young pups that would stick to you like glue when out hiking around our 10 acre property, Meg does her own thing, she doesn't even stay with all the other 7 dogs including another little pup 2 weeks younger than her..... oh no Meg prefers to scout around the perimeter fence in case there is some way to get out that she missed on the first 40 times round.

But there is an up side to Meg, I wanted a 'drivey' confident working dog. She is all of that, she shows huge promise to be a superb herding and trialling dog, she is now 12 weeks and she has the natural fluid movement and smarts of a dog much older. She swoops around the other dogs (when she is not off exploring of course) with a natural flair and balance that is almost like poetry to watch.

So maybe my little pup will turn out to be my diamond after all.

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