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Updated: Nov 2, 2018

We have four senior dogs in our household, and all but Brynne are in good health. We noticed over the summer months that she would occasionally come up lame on her front left foreleg and sometimes she would stumble and even fall if a dog accidently knocked into her. Since then she has become progressively worse and is now weak on her hind end too. We have taken her to our wonderful vet and he feels she has either had an embolism in her neck or perhaps she a tumour pressing on her spinal cord. At twelve and half years old, we are not going to put her through diagnostics but rather we will watch, wait and see. She still enjoys her hikes through the property several times a day. She LOVES her food and we try to make it as interesting and appetizing as possible. Brynne has always eaten raw, so there are lots of choices to give her. We find that our other dogs are pretty mindful of Brynne, especially her brother Shae..he will greet her in the morning when she has difficulty getting up and dutifully lie down beside her, lick her and sometimes puts his paw on her head. The dynamics are interesting to watch and actually pretty wonderful if you think about it. I believe all of our dogs know that Brynne is aging and not herself anymore. She does have a lot of anxieties that were not there a year ago, so probably Canine Cognitive Dysfunction going on there too. Our last dog to pass away was over sixteen years old, so it is very hard to see such a "young" dog age this fast. Brynne's mother is still alive at sixteen years as well. I am hoping that I will be able to see when Brynne no longer has the Border Collie quality of life and let her go peacefully..I am preparing myself for that day, be it soon, or months from now..I treasure every walk we have, every time she lays her head on my lap, even if it is only to remind me it is "dinner time"..a very important time of day for her! Treasure your dogs, old and young and all those in between. As we all know, they are never with us long enough, not nearly long enough.

Baby Brynne 9 weeks old...

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