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So my little Meg is growing.....

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Sommer Meg.... 9 days old.

Precious puppy Meg is now 9 days old and I can't wait until she gets here. I feel like an 'expectant mum' all over again. I am really looking forward to her eyes opening later this coming week, plus I think she is going to end up with a substantial coat on her after a year or two, just as well as our winters seems to last 5 months here.

The only down side of getting a pup in December is getting full 'Yeti' style snow gear on, just to take her out to pee while house training her........ Brian's going to get fed up with doing that all day and night!. I, of course, will be way too busy being an important new bride, as well as getting festive things done like baking and both Chris and I keeping all our family entertained over Christmas and anything else that I can't persuade Brian to do. Brian and Bruce and the two Matthews as well, are going to be too busy taking both puppies out for a thousand 'potty' breaks, keeping our enormous external wood burning furnace going 24/7 and doing other 'manly' things. As well as taking all the grandkids sledding down our slopes, while Chris, Meghan, Kimmy and I will probably be hiding behind roasting pans and blasting out good old Christmas music, sipping on either wine or bailey's and other 'womanly' things. The men have clearly got things easy!. Which actually reminds me, I have to get the things I need to make my Christmas pudding really quickly here......

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