Time is moving too quickly!

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Brynne is not doing so well the past couple of days, she goes back to see Ken next Tuesday for advice. Her right side is just not working the way she wants it too, plus I think we feel a mass in her abdomen now..she is still comfortable, so no emergency at the moment, but she is slower on her walks and she falls more.

Why does time move so fast? why do we always think we have way more time with those we love than we actually do? Spend time with your dogs as though they could be taken from you at any time..do not wait.

Brynne and I have discovered, after nearly 13 years of being together, that she loves to lay on her side and have me brush her with a horse soft body brush. I used to have it for my mini's and recently found it, so started using it on Brynne to keep her coat nice as she gets dirty when she falls, but it acts as a massage for her, and she just loves the feeling of it..plus it is actually has a calming effect on me too..

I am not sure what my next post will be, I am hoping for a more positive one and that these last couple of days are just part of the "not such good days"...

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