Working Daisy...

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Being a new dog in the house isn't all about fun, fun, is about work too. Daisy is not a dog that likes to walk nicely on a leash and whilst it is much more fun to run and run and run over the property with the other dogs, it isn't very productive in learning. I am having to walk several times a day for my back, so it is easy to take along Jack, who has a knee injury so must be on leash and Daisy to practise impulse control and to master her leash skills. Brynne is a senior and rarely needs to be on a leash ( only off property). If you look at this photo, you will see Jack and Brynne are in fact, relaxed..if you look at Daisy, her tail is higher and her ears are forward, she is alert. I actually think she was just spotting one of our cats, however, we still have slack in the leash and she never did rush forward once the cat was fully in our path ( she does like to chase the cats). We take that as a triumph. This type of walking is good for all of us, but Daisy does have at least one to two walks a day where she just gets to be a dog. Shae and Daisy have become firm "stick" friends, with the lack of squirrels, sticks have become Shae's new passion and Daisy takes her cues from him.

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