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You asked..We delivered!!

So, we are now taking bookings for our lovely Dog B and B ( Bed and Board) for your special friend! Our Kennel will be open for business as of October 1st 2019. We will have five regular sized kennels, one large single kennel and two extra large kennels for "families"..all kennels will have elevated beds ( you can bring you own if you wish) and bedding will be clean and changed everyday where needed. You may bring your dog's favourite blanket, or encouraged, an article of clothing from you to help the transition from home to kennel. A fresh supply of toys will be given each day for your dog's enjoyment. Piped music will be available, especially during "quiet time". All food will have it's own bin labelled with your dog's name on it. We supply all dishes, stainless steel unless you prefer your own to be used. We prefer you bring your own food for your dog's comfort and care for their digestive system. We also cater raw fed diets and have freezers for this. Any medications required to be given MUST have vet's instructions with them!! These medications can include Sub Q or Intramuscular injections if needed. We are qualified to deal with pretty well any medical conditions as long as veterinary diagnosed. * Please note, we will NOT administer any medication that has not been veterinary prescribed, as we are not veterinarians and do not make any diagnoses.

Our kennels do NOT have outside runs ( on purpose). We do not want your dog to be stressed out by their neighbours..preferring instead to give your dog plenty of one on one outside hiking on our lovely 10 acres of trails or our beautiful 120x85ft fully fenced arena, where they can enjoy off leash time safely, a game of ball..perhaps some agility exercise, or just to be a dog and have a good sniff around, always supervised and never left alone. For those ultra friendly dogs that love other dogs, with permission, they can have a group hike or go on hikes with our own pack, or play again supervised in our arena. All dogs in any situation other than one on one, will be matched with size, age and temperament.

We give you our word that we will never use a check chain, prong collar or e collar on your dog while they are in our care! You will never see a photo of your dog having any aversive tool to manage them. By the same token, we are a very discerning kennel and have our guests comfort in mind at all times, so there may be certain times that we choose to decline a dog based on severity of dog or human reactivity. If this occurs we will have resources for you contact as a "back up kennel".

We will have many other features which you will see on your first visit to us, PLUS when available, we will put photos up of the inside of the kennels. However, for now, this is a little on what your dog's day may look like.

1) 7am Quick pees for all guests.

2) 8:15 am 20 mins hike, one person to clean and tidy kennel, breakfast will be waiting upon their return.

3) 11:00 am Potty breaks and back in for quiet time.

4) 1pm Hike #2 or arena time, depending on dog/s. But outside time in any case.

5) 3 pm Potty break and back in for quiet time.

6) 5pm Hike #3 or arena time. Back in for supper time.

7) 7 pm Potty break.

8) 9-10 pm Last potty break of the day.

All times are approx depending on number of dogs on any given day. But your dog ( dependant on mobility and age) will receive 3 hikes/playtime a day, and multiple potty breaks. If you wish to have any extra special time or training for your dog, extra fees may apply. Also, unless your dog has any special food allergies, we will be offering enrichment food associated toys, example: Frozen Kongs, treat balls, Bully sticks.

For your dog's security, we will have a certain amount of camera's installed so we can see how they are doing. These will not be visible for you at this time. Updates on your dog's visit will be emailed to you if you wish during their stay.

Overall, we hope your dog's vacation time with us will be a very positive one. We cannot every replace "mum/dad's" but we can promise that we will do our utmost to ensure your dog is as stress free as possible. We want them to want to come back and for all of the dog's that we have pet sit over the years, they will tell you that we treat them like our own and they really do love us and your dog will too!

We are one of the very few kennels run by certified Canine Coaches ( dog trainers) with over 40 plus years of experience. We have eight dogs of our own and you can read about us more in depth on the rest of our website. We will update photos just as soon as we are completely finished.

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