Soletree Poodles


Jody is the heart of our dog’s training and you will find her working with the dogs or helping others achieve their goals.  She has decades of experience training, rearing and breeding dogs and horses and loves talking about and sharing her love of animals. She is also the one you will likely be talking to on the phone or over email.   Jody self-grooms the dogs, enjoying quality time at the grooming table, listening to audiobooks or podcasts as the dogs are made to look their best.  


Moyen and Small Standard Poodles are our passion, and it would appear we are in good company! In fact, poodles are one of the most popular breeds in the world, and for good reason. Beauty, brains, versatility, calm temperament…however, all the goodness can encourage unethical breeding practices.  When you make the life long commitment of dog ownership, you need to know your breeder has taken as much interest in your success as you have.  At Soletree Poodles we believe the best chance of finding your once-in-a-lifetime poodle starts with sound breeding practices and the best possible start to life…



Andrea is the mom to our breeding program’s sire: Soletree’s Soleil, known around the family as Watson.  Andrea has an enduring love of all dogs, but as she says, there’s nothing like a poodle!  She lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where Watson is her faithful companion.  Watson loves following his family anywhere and can often be spotted on Calgary soccer fields or hockey arenas where he hangs with the crowd and watches his family compete.

Our family