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Our K9 B&B 


Our K9 B&T

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New Private 'Canine Life Skills'

We come to you whether at work or at home. This is a very intensive programme suitable for most dogs and especially useful for the busy family or working pet parents who just don't get the time to fully socialise their pup or dog and teach it all the essential skills needed to have a well rounded, confident, friendly and happy dog.

This package includes approximately 30 hours of training over 12 to 20 weeks and we cover all the skills your dog needs to be a happy and well balanced dog and although we also teach you how to apply our methods in depth and will need to include you in parts of the training, we do most of the work for you, so you can have a happy and tightly bonded life with your dog, yes, even the difficult ones too. 

Please note: No check chains, prong collars, or e-collars are to be worn in any class on this property. We have a positive based training policy at this centre.

'Everything Puppy'

From baby to adolescence 

Everything you and your puppy needs to know so you end up with a well rounded, polite and social adult dog.

This is also an intensive and extensive package of essential life skills your puppy needs to learn and includes teaching you about all the physical growth factors, as well as the all important and critical emotional developmental stages your pup will go through in it's first year with you. This package is especially good for puppy parents who work and/or have young children and just don't have enough of the time you thought you would or anyone running into issues with your pup or young dog. We will do most of the work and at the same time we will show you how to carry on the training and arm you with the knowledge you need covering:


Bite inhibition'

Manners around people and your home,

Leash walking,

Lifestyle socialisation,

Good manners around other dogs,


Critical fear periods and what to avoid

and so much more.....


This package is spread over the first year of your puppy's life and includes approximately 30 hours of tailored  private sessions in your home as well as out and about in real life situations.We will deal with any 'behavioural issues' that your pup displays. We will pick up your pup if you are working or busy too.This package also includes lifetime support via email or phone.

Introductory Mini Canine Life Skills course for you 
and your dog.

This intensive mini course consists of a minimum of 6 hours over 
approx 3 months of personal coaching for you both, it takes you back to 
basics and then beyond, to give your dog the life skills he or she should know by their adulthood. We will come to you and take your dog for urban walks and in shops for real world socialisation, (no matter what age!) teaching your dog good leash manners as well as good greeting manners for people and other dogs. We will also do some starter off leash work and recall. 
We know that sometimes life just gets too busy 
and you don't always have time to train your dog, so we will. 
We will guide your dog towards being the dog you always wanted.


'Everything Adolescent'  

From Adolescent to Adult.

For those pet owners who are having who have an adolescent dog and needs help with this most difficult age. You may have a new rescue or missed out on crucial life skills socialisation earlier on and your pooch has developed bad habits, or is now fearful and anxious or has never understood the importance of good manners with either people or other dogs. This 9 month long course with approximately 15 hours of learning, sees you through all the complexities of

'teenage-hood' with your dog right through to adulthood. We help your dog cope with everything he needs to learn in our big and busy world and we help you to manage him/her too. All basics like leash walking etc will be covered too and of course you get lifetime support via email or phone included too.

Puppy Strong Start

This is our  new smaller package for brand new puppies and consists of 3 sessions of approximately 1.5  hours each.

 This package can be started before you get your puppy if you like so we can go through all the preparations you need to make for puppy before you bring him home. This comprehensive package will start you off on the right foot to ease the way for both your new pup and you too.

We will also customize a private package based around your needs and your dogs needs......Ask for details of what we can do for you.